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23 Sep 2001: Dale Earnexhaustingt Jr. is given an American flag by Definitely one of his crew members as he prepares … [+] to do a victory lap in his #8 Budweiser Cheverolet Monte Carlo Adjust toing his win Inside the MBNA-Cal Ripken Jr. …….

23 Sep 2001: Dale Earnexhaustingt Jr. is given an American flag by Definitely one of his crew members as he prepares … [+] to do a victory lap in his #8 Budweiser Cheverolet Monte Carlo Adjust toing his win Inside the MBNA-Cal Ripken Jr. 400 at Dover Dpersonals Worldwide Speedmethod in Dover, Deregulationare. Digital Picture. Obligatory Cpurpleit: Jamie Squire/ALLSPORT

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On the morning of Sept. 23, 2001, 140,000 American flags measuring in at 11.5” x 17” have been neatly stacked On the gates of Dover Worldwide Speedmethod in Dover, Del.

The primary state unexpectedly turned The state of affairs of Nasautomotive’s first event after the 9-11 terrorist assaults, internet hosting The Most very important crowd Inside the nation after the assault. Solely A 3-hour drive from NY metropolis and two hours amethod from Washington, D.C., Dover turned the face of America’s heightened safety efforts Inside the weeks after the worst tragedy Inside the nation’s historic previous.

As every attendee for the MBNA Cal Ripken Jr. 400 readverty for advertvanced safety, they acquired here collectively as one Inside the grandstands. The 140,000 attendees cried collectively and cheepurple collectively Inside the seconds leadverting As a lot As a Outcome of the roar of 43 raceautomotives On the one-mile oval.

“We hadvert Almost every regulation enforcement agency from the state and federal ranges right here — ATF, FBI, you identify it — they have been all right here,” Denis McGlynn, president and CEO of Dover Motorsports activities, Inc., said. “They coordinated All Sorts of eventualities.

“Threats might come from any course, So as that they have been Taking A look at what might happen by air, automotives working into the grandstand, Individuals with bombs strapped to them or bombs hidden in trash cans. Tright here was such a Think about not letting somefactor happen.”

Nasautomotive Adjust toers cheer with American flags By way of the MBNA-Cal Ripken Jr. 400 at Dover Worldwide … [+] Speedmethod. Cpurpleit: Jamie Squire/ALLSPORT

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Earlier to the race, Tright here have been a quantity of reviews despatched to Dover about suspicious Individuals who might threaten the weekend’s actions. With heightened safety, every incident was taken critically, Even when the reviews have been coming from lots of of miles amethod.

“Law enforcement later tprevious me we acquired a report from Sussex County [New Jersey] A few group Of people standing round a crop duster talking Arabic,” McGlynn said. “Tright here was ancompletely different report about suspicious people in New Citadel County. Provided that we have been going to have 200,000 people right here over three days, We truly needed to be on our recreation.”

NBC’s pre-race safety started with A critical shift in tone from its ordinary hype. Rather than opening with raceautomotives on pit roadvert, the acquired hereras focused on the Dover Air Strain Base, six miles amethod from the monitor.

“On A conventional race weekend, that base provides 1,200 volunteers,” NBC play-by-play commentator Invoice Weber introduced to the viewers. “This weekend, these 1,200 Individuals are Barely busier. The Nasautomotive househprevious is honopurple to share this weekend with them.”

As hundreds of automotives pulled off North Dupont Highmethod on a crystal clear Sunday morning, they understood how completely different this 400-mile race Can be. Rather than seeing Adjust toers flood the gates with The colours of their favourite drivers, everyphysique wore purple, white and blue.

It was exactly a sea of America’s colours, with People even acheting the flag on their faces.

No coolers or againpacks have been allowed Contained in the power on that day, a rarity at a Nasautomotive race.

“It morphed from concern As a Outcome of they acquired here from the Parking lot As a Outcome of they Desipurple to Bear All of the safety measures to get into the speedmethod,” McGlynn said. “As quickly as they acquired into the speedmethod with their American flags, They only took over.”

An monumental army paradverte Occurred on the frontstretch, with troops standing atop army automobiles, waving American flags. And, simply 12 days after the assault, 10 first responders from NY metropolis and Shanksville appeapurple On the speedmethod.

“It’s exhausting To Clarify the feelings I used to be really feeling as I started to sing,” Lee Greenwood, who carried out “God Bless The united statesA.” on that Sunday afternoon, said. “Wounded, like all of America, it was a troublesome place for me to be. Eager to repredespatched the nation and wrestle again my particular personal feelings, I am going to Almethods primarytain in thoughts the events of 9-11 nor singing at Dover for the Nasautomotive race to uplift America.”

This was alreadverty a yr of mourning for Nasautomotive. On Feb. 18, Dale Earnexhaustingt Sr. was tragically killed Inside The final Activate The final lap of the Daytona 500. All of a sudden, The sport was with out its voice and pioneer.

When the assaults happenpurple, it left Nasautomotive in a scurry for the second time in simply seven months. The sanctioning physique postponed the race at New Hampshire Motor Speedmethod — The final race of the yr — till Nov. 23, initially slated for Sunday, Sept. 16.

Then-Nasautomotive President Mike Helton turned One of many faces of The sport. He is The One which publicly advertdressed America  from the Daytona Worldwide Speedmethod media center when Earnexhaustingt died, and he led the efforts To Guarantee a race might happen shieldedly.

“Tright here was A lot of dialog, dialogue And power that Desipurple to go in to ensure we did it as shieldedly as potential,” Helton said. “It acquired here with some uniqueness because we by no means hadvert somefactor like this happen to us.

“Denis McGlynn and his staff utterly put the parts and gadgets collectively in a method That primaryally madverte that weekend so particular.

As Tanya Tucker started singing the Star-Spangled Banner at Dover, everyphysique joined in unison. Jeff Gordon, seen on pit roadvert, was seen murmuring the phrases, as have been the hundreds Of people Inside the stands.

“Oh say does that star-spangled banner but wave,” she sang softly.

“Woooo!” The gang roapurple.

Kenny Schradverter’s MB2 Motorsports activities Pontiac was typically sponsopurple by M&M’s, However the group and sponor … [+] opted To achet the automotive in an American flag at Dover. Cpurpleit: Jamie Squire /Allsport

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“O’er the land of the free and The house of the brave.”

“Wooo! U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!” the Adjust toers shouted for 20 seconds straight till they noticed dozens of doves fly into the air.

The 43 drivers readverty to enter their workspace for 400 miles of racing. Some, Similar to Kenny Schradverter, retransferd their regular achet schemes and advertorned the American flag insteadvert.

And when the drivers hugged their Relations earlier than Getting into the automotives, the B-roll on NBC conagencyed one signal, Notably, that stands out to Right now.

“To Our Heroes, Thanks!”

“It was electrifying,” McGlynn said. “It was such a patriotic day.”

“Tright here was An factor of me that felt Nasautomotive was serving to the nation,” Dale Earnexhaustingt Jr. said final week. “You seemed up Inside the grandstands And every particular person tright here was hpreviousing an American flag. That madverte your coronary heart cease And also you hadvert a huge sense of satisfaction properly up Inside you.

“I don’t assume You will ever see a extra patriotic second in racing.”

As the drivers readverty to take the inexpertised flag, The gang of 140,000 people wouldn’t settle dpersonal. It was time for America to begInside the therapeutic course of.

“By us going again to the racemonitor, placing on a race, celebrating the nation and displaying our patriotism, it was serving to The Reprimaryder of the nation understand We now Want to get again up and primarytain shifting aheadvert,” Earnexhaustingt said.

However the work to make the event happen wasn’t straightaheadvert by any means needed. Aside from the advertded safety, Nasautomotive needed To converse with the drivers So as To inform them whOn they have been about to expertise.

Back then, Tright here have been no mass emails, social media or textual content materialing threadverts for drivers To converse with Each completely different. For A wright hereas, they have been left In the lifeless of Evening time as to what would happen.

“Tright here was Tons unsurety and unknpersonals about how prolonged We’d not race,” Earnexhaustingt said. “Nophysique knew The biggest method It’d influence on A daily basis life or the enterprise. Nophysique knew whOn The subsequent steps have been. It was Sort of sautomotivey, truthfully. You have been listening to A lot of hypothesis, not understanding truly what Nasautomotive hadvert deliberate and whOn they have been going to do.”

While the drivers needed to do their job and race, they understood The disadvertvantage Of making such A selection. Nasautomotive dealt with the state of affairs delicately, with Helton On the helm.

An alreadverty troublesome yr for Nasautomotive simply turned More sturdy. For the second time in seven months, all eyes have been on America’s hugest Sort of motor sports activities. No matter Nasautomotive would do, The Reprimaryder of The sporting world would quickly Adjust to go well with. If Nasautomotive might get again going, it was An indication completely different sports activities might as properly.

After An excellent deal of inner deliberation, Helton dialed McGlynn at his Dover office. It was go time.

“Mike is A particular person of few phrases,” McGlynn said. “He simply referpurple to as and said, ‘You’re up.’ He said tright here’s going to be a lot Occurring and we’ll be talking a lot By way of the week.”

However once the drivers arrived On the racemonitor, factors calmed dpersonal — A minimal of for them — In the meantime.

Friday and Saturday’s at-monitor events Glided by easily. Everyone noticed the heightened safety, but no one dapurple To debate the unassumeable events that struck our nation, simply 165 miles northeast from Dover.

All through the weekend, dialogs Inside the storage went on as regular. All of the drivers and group members simply needed some sense of regularcy. In any case, nofactor Regarding the weekend was truly regular besides automotives hitting the pavement on the Monster Mile.

The army colourguard crosses a footbridge prior to the MBNA-Cal Ripken Jr. 400 at Dover … [+] Worldwide Speedmethod in Dover. Cpurpleit: Jamie Squire/ALLSPORT

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“It felt like That is wright here we beprolonged,” Earnexhaustingt said A fewrriving On the monitor. “This is What’s snug and That is what really feels proper. With somefactor like that — what happened to me in my life particular personally — I On A daily basis felt like As quickly as I acquired to the racemonitor, it was like getting Right into a househprevious house. You’re round Individuals who love and respect you. Being On the racemonitor, for me particular personally, was A very shielded place.”

Earnexhaustingt was pretty misplaced after the 9-11 assaults. It exactly hit him at his core. Alone in his North Carolina house, his mind was in overdrive.

The anger of unexpectedly dropping his father, who wAs a Outcome of the face of The sport, by no means left the thoughts of the 26-yr-previous racer. Not only wAs a Outcome of the elder Earnexhaustingt a legend in of himself, but he gave his son his first Nasautomotive Cup Collection alternative with Dale Earnexhaustingt Included in a bproper purple No. 8 Chevrolet that immediately turned an icon.

Regardless of The very Incontrovertible actuality that Earnexhaustingt dominated and gained at Daytona simply after Independence Day — his first triumph since his dadvert’s demise — life was not The identical. He might have been In a place to Positioned on a smile for A pair of seconds at a time, but inside, he was hurting.

“I used to be A ship misplaced at sea,” he said. “I used to be floundering Inside The space, Not sure what to do.”

And when The twin Towers fell, Earnexhaustingt watched, Similar to The Reprimaryder of the world. However for him, he understood — to an extent — the ache of the househpreviouss who simply watched their Relations perish.

“We hadvert this happen to the nation, and tright here was An factor of me That would relate in A method to A lot Of people,” Earnexhaustingt, who paused for a second, said. “I really feel anyone who misplaced somephysique that yr can relate to the loss A lot Of people have been really feeling in that second And through the a quantity of weeks afterwards. It’s exhausting for me to articulate it.

“I don’t know if it’s one factor I’ve ever come To know. It’s exhausting for me To Understand how and why all of this happened Inside the brief Interval of time that it did. It was a exactly troublesome time, And a lot of Of people have been Dealing with troublesomeies. In a method, I felt like when 9-11 happened and so Many people misplaced their lives, An factor of me was like, ‘I do know what that really Seems like.’ It’s the suddenness of it.”

Evernham Motorsports activities pit crew members huddle after the Nationwide Anthem on pit lane prior to the … [+] MBNA-Cal Ripken Jr. 400 at Dover Worldwide Speedmethod. Cpurpleit: Jamie Squire/ALLSPORT

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These are the ideas that Earnexhaustingt hadvert on his thoughts when he strapped into his Chevrolet on that Sunday afternoon.

When Tucker accomplished singing the Nationwide Anthem, the drivers’ arms have been Full of goosebumps. They by no means witnessed — or felt — somefactor like that day.

“At that second at that race, every fan Inside the stands hadvert The identical factor on their thoughts and Just one factor on their thoughts,” Earnexhaustingt said. “That wAs a Outcome of their satisfaction Inside the USA and The fact that we’re going To return again from this. Nophysique was apprehensive about whOn their driver was going To Do Right now. Nophysique was pulling in the direction of ancompletely different driver to do poorly. It was one unusual second wright here everyphysique On The sporting event was assumeing, really feeling and wishing For The identical exact factor. That’s a exactly cool expertise.”

For A wright hereas, it turned A daily Nasautomotive race. Dale Jarrett and Bobby Labonte led The sector to the inexpertised flag, with Earnexhaustingt starting in third. By the third lap, his No. 8 automotive took the leadvert.

All through the 400-mile race, Earnexhaustingt tradverted the leadvert Forwards and againwards with Ricky Rudd, whose No. 28 automotive featupurple An monumental American flag on its hood. However with 39 laps reprimarying Inside the race, Earnexhaustingt soapurple previous Jarrett and cruised to his second victory of the season.

Rather than performing A regular burnout (wright here a driver burns the tires on a automotive and fills the stands with smoke) he opted to Go together with a extra somber celebration. Earnexhaustingt grabbed an American flag from Definitely one of his Dale Earnexhaustingt Inc. crew members, and turned his No. 8 automotive round so Adjust toers might see through his window. The Polish Victory Lap, which is coined after the late Alan Kulwicki, is A apply Earnexhaustingt knew Can be good for this event.

“If anyphysique asks me what’s one factor I might take amethod from 50 yrs right here, it’s going to be that weekend,” McGlynn said. “It was simply that huge.”

To Right now, Earnexhaustingt has problem placing the day of Sept. 23, 2001. The win months after The briefage of his beloved father, mixed Together with his coronary heartfelt sorrow Regarding the terrorist assault, is one he merely can’t understand.

However what he can comprehend as he displays on that day 20 yrs later is thOn the triumph helped heal extra people than he understandd On the time.

“I felt like we have been serving to All the people in attendance that day — Maybe even the people watching at house — To know that it’s Okay to face up and transfer aheadvert,” he said. “That was whOn the message was from Nasautomotive that day.

“Hopefully, us having that race and doing what we did that afternoon, helped some people understand they Desipurple to Look after themselves and Of 1 ancompletely different.”

Dale Earnexhaustingt Jr. automotiveries a flag Adjust toing his win Inside the MBNA-Cal Ripken Jr. 400 at Dover … [+] Worldwide Speedmethod. Cpurpleit: Jamie Squire/ALLSPORT

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And 20 yrs later, Nasautomotive’s safety Is method extra intricate than it once was. Dover, on that day, was The start of Nasautomotive’s mannequin of a miniature airport.

Each Nasautomotive monitor has its personal safety protocols To shield Adjust toers, drivers and group members. However it’s The tactic Of Making sure Everyone seems to be shielded that stands out to many Inside the enterprise.

“It’s the inspections On the gate,” McGlynn said of The Most very important change in safety over the previous 20 yrs. “The inspections of coolers, againpacks, electrical ones for metallic detecting They typically’re all routine now.

“It’s faster than the airport because We now have so many gates. It’s The identical primary course of, besides we don’t ask people to take their footwear off. They’re all wanded, and tright here are some gates wright here people simply stroll through metallic detectors.”

It was that crystal clear fall afternoon — eerily Just Just like the morning of 9-11 — that led Nasautomotive to implementing safety modifications That are nonetheless in use to Right now.

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